Amiiqo Device Makes Amiibo Piracy Possible

An unofficial device called the Amiiqo will now enable Nintendo Amiibo owners to back up the data stored on their figurines—and could also allow others to pirate the figurines’ data.

Amiibo are tiny figurines that connect wirelessly to a 3DS or Wii U gaming system, unlocking bonus features like extra characters or playing modes. With the Amiiqo, an owner of multiple Amiibo can store all their data in one place, and only need the one tiny device to access everything.

But the device can also download figurine data from other users, which means Amiiqo owners could pirate the special features stored on each figurine without having to purchase them individually.

The Amiiqo, which you can pre-order for about $55, purports to come with data from 10 Amiibo already loaded. It requires an Android device to work.

Nintendo has yet to publicly respond to the issue, but they’re probably not very pleased.


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