Amiiqo video review :How to use Amiiqo?

When I first saw that the Amiiqo device would be available, I just could not wait to get my hands on it, and now that the device is in my hands I can’t wait to show you everything this little tool can do!

The Amiiqo is built well, simple, and to the point. It does everything it claims to do, which is back up, manage and carry your entire amiibo collection on one simple to carry NFC chip. The advantage of that is you won’t have to travel with your valuable collection, potentially damaging or ruining the figures, backing up also allows you to reduce the wear and tear of your original amiibo.

You are going to need a NFC enabled android smart phone ( I currently use a Samsung S3) – However according to the main webpage, the creators of amiiqo plan on releasing a NFC writer to make up for people not having NFC phones – I was able to pick up my S3 a pawn shop for cheap due to it being a Bad ESN.

Backing up your amiibo is simple, you can the amiibo, select DUMP and then scan it again. It almost instantly creates a file and notifies you of the name of said file. The only thing that would make this process easier would be the option to allow you to name the file yourself, because the file name does not give any indication which figure it is until you have scanned it. My recommendation is to write down the file name and which amiibo you scanned, and rename it on the computer, this way when you load it up you are able to search for it with no issue.

Storing your amiibo on the amiiqo is just as easy, first you scan the amiiqo, set how many banks you would like to have on the amiiqo (banks are how many spots you wish to store amiibo) You want to set your bank to the exact amount of amiibo that you plan on storing on the device.

After each change you will be prompted to scan the amiiqo to write the change.
Then you tap the “Manage Banks” and this is where you create the magic. You select a spot, select a file and write it to the amiiqo.

At this point the amiiqo works like any normal amiibo. You can tap it to your Wii U or New 3DS and play. If you want to swap to the next amiibo that you have stored, hold the button down, tap the amiiqo to your game system and it reads the next amiibo in line. You save the amiibo in the same manner you would your normal figures, except you use that button to swap to the next one.

Here is the most important things to keep in mind, even thou you can store up to 200 amiibo on the amiiqo, it doesn’t mean you SHOULD. I find the amiiqo is most effective when you customize your banks to the way you want to use them. For example, if you want to have an 8 amiibo battle on your Wii U, set the amiiqo for 8 banks and set the amiibo you want to use to those 8 banks, do not use extra amiibo, do not mix with incompatible amiibo, because the moment the Wii U / 3DS detects that an amiibo is not compatible, you will have an extremely difficult time getting the amiiqo bank on track to save your progress. I wish there was a way to swap the amiibo inside the amiiqo without having to tap the amiiqo to the system each time, but it could be a limitation to the device and how NFC is only powered during contact with the system. Its just how NFC operates.

You can resave your amiibo to a file by locking it via the phone app, and then backing it up as you would any other amiibo. In fact, that is how I was able to make a file back up of Rob and Falco, both of which will not be available for a month or more.

Speaking of which, the amiiqo team provides you with 10 amiibo on the device for you to start using without having to use an app. Rob, Dark Pit, Falco and others, Many which are difficult to buy or unable to be purchased at the moment, which give the device added value.

The creators promise updates that will add even more value to the device in the future, which include cheats, and better file and figure management.

The device will run you anywhere between $75-$100 USD (about the price of 5-6 amiibo), it does everything it promises to do, and will offer more in the future. The device works with the Animal Crossing Happy Home Cards, and all other amiibo that have been released. I see this being very useful in preserving those cards in your collection and using the amiiqo in their place.


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